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Ken Blinde is an artist based in Reno Nevada.  He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture from the University of Minnesota in 1999. During his education, Ken became skilled in many different types of media, including:  photography, oil and acrylic painting, figure drawing, intaglio printmaking, and sculpture (cast and mold making, poured metal, welding, wood working, and ceramics).  In 2002 He moved to the Reno Tahoe area and started to experiment with a unique way of working with mirror.  Currently, he is continuing to explore the various possibilities mirror has to offer, and creating imaginative, beautiful pieces in this new style of art he is developing. 

Artist Statement

The motivation for my work can arise from anywhere: wanting to share or purge overwhelming emotions, highlighting simple beauty in the mundane, or exploring new styles of expression born out of curiosity if not necessity. The latter is where my journey into working with mirrors began.
After moving to Reno, I lacked appropriate studio space to continue creating larger-scale sculptures; at the same time, I wanted to experiment with the idea of trying to create images with mirrors.
During the experimental process of manipulating the glass and its reflective surface, my mind would wander. While contemplating the broad nature of reality, something clicked. I connected my interest in working in mirror to how we all perceive the same reality differently.
We as individuals observe and exist in two realities simultaneously: an objective reality encompassing everything and within that, our subjective reality built on our personal experiences and chosen beliefs.
Within the subtext of the mirror pieces is my intent to place those who observe them in the piece itself, becoming part of it and seeing their connection to the objective reality the mirror reflects. If they take the opportunity to observe it from different angles, they will see how the imagery shifts and see not only themselves but potentially others as well.
I believe that if we can shift our perspective and try to see reality from different angles, we might get a glimpse of another’s perception and thus develop a better understanding of the reality we all share as well as of each other.

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